15 Amp Male Connector

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Coleman Cable 05984 Replacement 15-Amp Male Cord End, Yellow Vinyl Plug (NEMA 5-15P), Male Plug Is used to fix or replace a cracked or broken cord end. If you have a tool cord, appliance cord, or extension cord with a loose cover, badly bent prongs, or missing insulation may present a fire or shock hazard. Unplug it immediately and replace it. Coleman Cable sets the industry standard on electrical parts and this is no different. This unit is 125-Volt. Make sure you have chosen correctly between male and female. The industry calls the male End a Plug, and female end is called a connector or receptacle. If you don't mind losing a little cord length, cut the old plug off the wire with cutters, or disassemble the old unit. Fit the wires through the unit and install as directed. Make sure you have chosen the correct Amp. Heavy duty items need higher Amperage.